Masked Love


9/04/03 - Welcome! You have, purposely or arbitrarily, stumbled across Masked Love v2.2, a Slayers romance shrine dedicated to spreading the support of Xelloss/Filia coupledom! Version 2.2 of Masked Love is best viewed in 1024x768 resolution (800x600 users press F11), with MIE 4.0 or above.

Masked Love is primarily a fan shrine to Xelloss and Filia, meaning that you'll little information here in comparison to the large amounts of eye candy and fan creations. Here, fans can show their support by sending in fanfiction, essays, artwork and whatnot. There's also some fun activities to do, such as browsing through the featured X/F picture gallery, or putting up a X/F support banner on your website!

Hopefully, the contributions that I recieve will continue to accumulate, and this site will someday grow to its fullest. Until then, take a browse through what I have up so far!


Content (except for the fanworks), layout, and graphics are all copyrighted 2001-2003, by Chexyione. Want to contact me? My AOL Screenname is Chexyione. This website is a portion of a collective, Livin' Wild.

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