Masked Love


*sighs hopelessly* As with any great couple, the X/F pairing has provoked many disputes and much backlash, oftentimes from stubborn people who don't understand the couple. Anticipating this much, I've prepared a list of reasons as to why one might dislike the pairing, with a brief answer to couplement:

1.) Filia and Xelloss can barely stand the sight of each other, so how can they be a couple? >.< Must you be so near-sighted? For starters, they look sooo cute together! Furthermore, there are plenty of hints and tidbits that imply a favorable coupledom between the two -- check out the essays section for explanations.

2.) Can't you see that Xelloss belongs with (name) and not Filia?! That's just your opinion, my dear; and in my eyes, Xelloss and Filia are a match among superb matches. So... if you don't like seeing them together, go off to a Xel/Lina shrine, or a Filia/Zel shrine, or something.

3.) Whatever. Filia and Xelloss would sooner kill each other than love each other. You've forgotten a key scene between the two. Remember the one episode in TRY when Xelloss saved Filia from a patch of falling rocks just in time? Or when Filia carried Xelloss to safety when he had injured himself? Believe me, if they felt absolutely nothing but abhorrence for each other, they would've just left one another to die. These two share an unconcious, synergized bond with one another -- it's not exactly lucid, but it's there, nonetheless.

4.) Wake up already -- there's nothing between Filia and Xelloss! They are a match made in HELL!!! You're just going to have to realize something: throughout TRY, the interaction between Xelloss and Filia is perhaps the most obvious and interesting one in the show. It's even better than the cute fights that Lina and Gourry embarked on during the original series. So, the creators must've meant to imply that there was *something* between Filia and Xelloss -- something just a tiny bit deeper than hatred. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been so many X/F scenes -- catch my drift?

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