Masked Love


Welcome to my sufficiently sized collection of stories, songfics, poetry, and novellas written by various talented authors. If you have any X/F related writing that you wish to contribute to this section, please submit it to me -- if not, enjoy these great works of literature that I've featured here!

For enhanced organization (and just because my collection was getting too big), I have divided the Fanfiction section into four subsections:

Novellas :: One-shots :: Poetry :: Songfiction

Explanation: Novellas are long stories that are divided into chapters. One-shots are short stories that can be read in one sitting. Poetry consists of brief thoughts and ideas written in prose, and Songfictions are short to medium length stories that feature a song.

Enjoy the Fanfiction archive! :D This is by far the largest section of the site, and it should keep you busy for quite some time!

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