Masked Love


Xelloss and Filia, with their constant bickering and name-calling contests, certainly add a lively spark of comedy to Slayers! So, I just had to create this section as a small attempt to harness all of that humor for fans to enjoy! Be prepared to laugh at these hilarious ideas that fans have come up with! (^^;; And, as you can see, this place is in desparate need of donations!)

  • Ask Mr. Metallium
    by Harukami
    Hilarious! Xelloss gets his own column in the magazines, and replies to all of his... erm... fans.

  • A Report on Morning Glories
    by Crystal Dawn
    There was once a scene in which Xelloss declared that he would rather "write a report on Morning Glories" than be nice to Filia. Let's see what he came up with, shall we? :D

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