Masked Love


Filia & XellossFilia and Xelloss complement each other so well that it's not even funny. (Actually, it kind of is. ^_^) The ideology of "opposites attract" is very evident in the Slayers world, and Filia and Xelloss are as opposite as two characters can possibly be. So, in order to justify a possible romance between these two, one should start by taking a detailed look at some of the key hints and evidence shown throughout the many Xelloss/Filia scenes:

(Be sure to read them all before moving on!)

Why are Filia and Xelloss perfect for each other?

  • Well, Scenario #1 indicated that Filia and Xelloss often argue over frivolous subjects (rather childish, eh?) -- much like a married couple.
  • Scenario #2 illustrated that Filia and Xelloss have more in common that one may think -- they reacted simultaneously, and said the exact same things!
  • In Scenario #3, we see that Filia always has Xelloss on her mind. Of all people, why would she want to think of the single being whom she despises more than anybody else? The answer is simple: she doesn't hate him entirely.
  • I absolutely adore Scenario #4! It is the anchor that all X/F fans use in their debates! I mean, NO ONE saw this scene coming -- Filia and Xelloss, lifelong enemies, saving each other from death?! This scenario really tells you something about the relationship that they share... I mean, they could have just left one another to die.
  • Scenario #5 depicts a rather unexpected series of events, as well. Of all people whom Filia could have beared her lovely smile at... it had to be Xelloss? Even after he gently teased her, too. Awww...

Hopefully, these scenario analyses helped you realize some of the evidence leading up to this conclusion: "Filia and Xelloss are a match among superb matches!" :P

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