Masked Love


Show your everlasting support for Xelloss and Filia -- place this banner on your website! (Please be sure to upload and save it to your own server, though.) And, if you want something that takes up a lot less space on your website, I've also made a lil' linkie button for that purpose!

I Support Filia/Xelloss Coupledom!

I love this X/F picture! :p__this version's button

Text Links:

A+ Sites that Support X/F:
The X/F Fanlisting
Violet & Gold (wonderful!)
Blossoming Affection (VERY nice)
Into the New World (fanfic)
The Truth Behind Beauty & the Beast
Purple n' Pink
Xelloss & Filia's Space
Xelloss & Filia Shrine
Phiria e Xelloss (italian)
Xelloss & Filia's Hideout

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