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++ updated September 4th, 2003
*slumps into a couch* Finally, I've finished adding all of the new art submissions! I must've increased the size of the artwork section by at least 50%... so, be sure to check out all of the beautiful new fanarts! (And keep those submissions coming!)

++ updated June 25th, 2003
Due to viewers' comments, the format of the novellas and one-shots has been slightly altered... the links no longer open as pop-up windows; instead, they open up in a full-sized window with larger text for your convenience. In addition, I've added a novella by Xee Metallium, a one-shot by Priya-chan, and a one-shot by Tenniyo. (Be sure to take a look at the new fanfictions--they're all good reads!) The support/links section received an overhaul, and I finally got around to joining Fatal Attraction (X/F Fanlisting). Right now, I have a HUGE stack of X/F artwork sitting on my desktop, just waiting to be uploaded... so, I'll be sure to start updating the fanart archive in the next few days. Check back soon, and please keep submitting works!

++ updated March 14th, 2003
After being offline for half a year, WE'RE FINALLY BACK! This time, I've been accepted into the ongoing Slayers project at, so please update your links to Also, the entire shrine has received something like a revamp... ^^; Basically, I have turned the previous layout into a full-functioning table layout. This way, Netscape users can view Masked Love flawlessly, and I can finally implement trackers. Two new sections have also been added: the Intro section, and a brand new section about X/F scenes, so be sure to check those out! That's all for this update.

++ updated July 20th, 2002
The contribute form has finally been fixed! Go ahead and use it, everyone! ^^

++ updated July 19th, 2002
A new novella written by the ever talented Crystal Dawn has been added to the fanfiction archive! The fanfic is called Heat, and it is the first lemon that I have posted on this website. ^^; (Yes, I caved in to peer pressure. Most of my visiters are not of the "impressionable young minds" group anyway.) Also, new artworks by Ryoko and Iryl were added (they're very beautiful, so check them out!). Finally, the gallery recieved five new additions, as well as a remodeling. Until next time, enjoy the update!

++ updated June 17th, 2002
One new artwork was added, except I seem to have misplaced the e-mail address of its donor. ^^; Er, could the person who sent me the fanart entitled "Let's Bake a Cake!" please e-mail me again? Thank you!

++ updated March 17th, 2002
There's been a HUGE server move, but I think that everything should be functioning properly again. ;) I fixed all of the broken links in the gallery, and added a few pictures as well. To those who sent me fanfics within the past month, I apologize for taking so long, but so much moving/changing has been going on that I've been forced to spend more time mending this website rather than updating it. ^^; I'll try to get back on track as soon as I can... in the meantime, enjoy the update!

++ updated November 25th, 2001
After a LONG abeyance, I've finally given Masked Love a complete revamp and update. I hope that you all like the new layout... all I can say is: I went through WAY too many "failed" layouts before I came up with this one. ^^; (I think I threw away 3 layouts for Masked Love that didn't turn out the way I wanted.) Also, the artwork archive has been updated, as well as the support section and the humor section. Enjoy!

++ updated June 26th, 2001
*sigh* In order to thrive, Masked Love relies on the submissions from X/F fans... and, well, I haven't been recieving many submissions lately. =/ But, I did recieve one artwork, so be sure to check it out! Also, I've added a new X/F link under the "support" section. That's all for this update...

++ updated April 14th, 2001
Today, I made a huge update in the "Stories" section! I added 8 new novellas, songfics, and poems. Enjoy, everyone! And, be sure to keep the submissions coming!

++ updated April 9th, 2001
I fixed up the menu layout today -- the text should be much clearer now. And, how do you like the new "stories" menu? ^_^ I think it makes navigation a bit easier.

++ updated March 28th, 2001
Wai! Finally, I am able to open Masked Love v1.0! Enjoy, everyone -- and please, sign the guestbook!

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